Stock from Kitchen Scraps

For up to a week, save potato peelings, onion skins and celery castoffs, use the tough outer leaves of cabbage or lettuce, leek tops, carrot foliage and scrapings, pea and bean shells, broccoli leaves and stems, pomace left over from tomato processing, tops and innards of green or red peppers, wilted (but not spoiled or moldy) greens. Eggshells (bake or boil to ensure safe storage), meat/poultry bones saved in a separate container. To make broth, add a bay leaf or two, a handful of favorite herbs (fresh or dried), few cloves of garlic (optional), and a little salt. Simmer for at least a half hour, or bake in oven if you’re baking something else. Strain broth and toss residues. Keep animal-product broths separate from vegetable broths, depending on how you plan to use the broth. Fresh cobs from your corn preserving can also be used for broth by simmering in water for 15 minutes with a bay leaf. If not to be used immediately, freeze after cooling in refrigerator, leaving 1/2 inch headroom at top of container. Ice cubes can also be made for adding to gravies. So good!

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