Tomato Jam

4 lbs. ripe tomatoes
3 large lemons
4 c. concentrated apple juice
1 tsp. salt, opt.
1/4 tsp. allspice or 1/4 tsp.each ginger and mace

Peel and chop tomatoes. Place in deep non-aluminum kettle. Peel lemons as thinly as possible; cut peel into shreds. Squeeze lemons; add juice and shredded peel to tomatoes. Add juice, spice and salt and simmer until thick. Pack into hot, sterile pint jars, leaving 1/2 inch at top. Cover with lids and process in boiling water bath for 15 minutes. Makes 10 cups. You may use green instead of ripe tomatoes and oranges can be substituted for two of the lemons (use two oranges plus one lemon).

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