Swanville School fails to make AYP

However, elementary grades score above target

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The Swanville School District received good and bad news about its “Adequate Yearly Progress” (AYP) evaluations this year.

“The elementary did great,” Superintendent Gene Harthan said. The elementary scored above target in all areas — participation, proficiency and attendance — in the core subjects of math and reading meaning the school made AYP this year.

“That  shows me that all the effort we have been putting into the elementary has been working,” he said.

The Swanville High School, Molly Creek Area Learning Center and the district as a whole did not fair as well, however.

The high school was below target for AYP in reading proficiency, Molly Creek was below target in math proficiency and the district as a whole was below target in math proficiency for special education students.

Harthan said that although the district did not make AYP this year, administrators will not be required to draft an improvement plan because the district made AYP last year. If the district does not make AYP next year, however, the district will have to formulate a new progress plan.

Harthan said he will continue to look at data from the students to make informed decisions about AYP, though.

“Even though we don’t have to do that as part of the AYP process, I still think it is good to do that,” he said.

Harthan said he thinks the increased use of data to make decisions about education over the last decade because of AYP has been a very positive thing for the district.

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