Sauk River Chain of Lakes stocked with muskies

After years of evaluation and going through the many steps of the introduction process, muskies were stocked for the first time in the Sauk River Chain of Lakes on Oct. 26.

Joe Stewig, DNR fish specialist, delivered and stocked 515 muskies into Horseshoe Lake and 515 muskies into Cedar Island Lake. The 12 inch fingerlings were hatched in April at the DNR state fish hatchery in New London.

Robby Pollreis, St. Anna, and Aaron Meyer, Sauk Rapids, assisted in the stocking of both lakes. Both are fishing guides and are on the Minnesota State DNR Esocid Board, responsible for managing the stocking and regulations for muskie and northern pike.

The Horseshoe Chain is now set-up for an every other year stocking program. The long range goal is to achieve a sustainable population over 33 inches at a density of 0.25 fish per acre. This stocking does not prohibit or change darkhouse spearing as
other musky lakes. These new musky waters will provide a fishing opportunity for anglers in the Richmond and Cold Spring area. Many anglers for generations will be able to experience the thrill of catching a large musky.

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