Building permit requests prompt Swanville Council discussion

Staff Writer

One building permit was approved while the second was tabled at the Swanville City Council’s meeting, Tuesday.

Both requests were discussed at length by Council members.

The  permit for Brian Allen to build a garage was approved  on the condition the garage be built 6 feet back from the house. Council members felt by adding a stipulation about where the garage was built would satisfy the intent of the city’s ordinance.

The second request, a building permit for a three-stall garage, by John Holdenhaus, was tabled pending receiving  a variance for its location. The Council also agreed that a cease and desist order on the building be put into place immediately.

Concern was also expressed over the fact that trees and dirt had been placed on a neighbor’s lot. Councilman Jim Molitor volunteered to speak with Holdenhaus about  Council concerns.

As of Wednesday, the cease and desist order was in place and Holdenhaus had agreed to clean off the neighboring lot. The city is in the process of sending out variance notices to residents within 350 feet of the property.

The variance request will be an agenda item at the next Planning and Zoning meeting to be held Tuesday,
Nov. 29.

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