Upsala’s school levy hike approved by 29 votes

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It was good news for the Upsala School District Tuesday night, when the voters approved an increase in the district’s operating levy referendum.

The question on the ballot asked voters to approve an increase of $500 to its existing levy of $450. The $950 will be available beginning with the 2012-2013 school year and run for a period of six years.

The Upsala referendum passed with 316 “yes” votes and 287 “no” votes.

Upsala Superintendent Gery Ardnt said, “I would like to thank the voters for their support. This will give the board and administration an opportunity to do some thoughtful planning for much needed technology, curriculum and class size discussion.”

He said, “Although the funds will not be available until next year, we can now begin to look to the future. The voters did see the importance of education for the next generation. It will take time, but the students will be the ones to reap the benefits. These are tough times and the passage of the levy shows the importance of education with the voters of the Upsala District.”

Board Chairman Dean Peterson said, “I obviously am pleased that Upsala’s operating levy referendum election was successful. It’s not just the badly needed revenue but also knowing the community supports our school.”

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The referendum passed by  29 votes.

Peterson said, “At the same time, from the closeness of the vote we know a lot of folks  have concerns with their property taxes and perhaps with our stewardship of the school’s portion. We will need to work hard going ahead. We want everyone, regardless of his or her vote to feel that Upsala is a great school while being financially conservative.”

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