Diversicom to change name to Arvig

Arvig Communication Systems (ACS) has announced that its subsidiary, Diversicom, will change its name to Arvig as of Jan. 1, 2012.

In December 2010, Arvig Communication Systems purchased Diversicom and its wholly owned subsidiaries of Melrose Telephone and Mainstreet Communications. Recently, ACS decided to simplify and bring cohesiveness to all areas of the company by bringing all employees and customers under one name. ACS is changing both its own and Diversicom’s names to Arvig.

The new name allows for easier name recall and positions the company for continued expansion, including services into Minnesota’s metro areas, increasing services to current communities and growth into other commerce.

“Over the years, customers have referred to us in a variety of ways including Arvig Communication Systems, ACS, and Arvig Communications, among others,” said Chief Operating Officer David Arvig. “We have decided to simplify our name to eliminate confusion and clarify our name and image to our customers, both residential and business. We found the same name confusion with Diversicom with customers referring to the company as Mel Tel, Sauk and Mainstreet.”

He said, “With an array of new acquisitions plus new products being offered, the time was right to bring all companies, products, services and markets under one umbrella and that umbrella is Arvig.”

While the name is changing, there has been no change in ownership or management; and Arvig will continue to provide the same products and services customers have come to expect from the company.

“At this time, customers will not be affected in any way. They will continue to receive access to our wide array of communication products including high speed Internet, digital television and telephone. Diversicom’s offices and dedicated employees in Melrose and Sauk Centre will continue to provide great local service to the customers in that area.” said Arvig.

The transition to Arvig, including an updated logo and corresponding materials, will take place over the course of the coming year in all Arvig markets

For more information about the name change or Arvig, contact Lori Meader at [email protected] or visit www.arvig.com.

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