Why not enforce all the laws equally?

By JUSTIN JOHNSON, Guest Columnist

After reading the Sheriff’s “opinion” in the Jan. 2 Peach, it demonstrates very clearly what we the people have been saying all along. What we need is equal enforcement of the laws for all the people.

Our sheriff is and has been going out of his way to find ways to treat the animal-drawn vehicle drivers different and special from all of us motor vehicle drivers. When will there be equal enforcement of the laws?

Todd County is getting the reputation of being the county of “horse crap highways” so what is our good sheriff doing about enforcing the litter laws against the known polluters?

In the middle of the night those little candle lanterns will not show the road or what is on the road for the distance of 500 feet as the law states, and the reflective tape or the red lenses of the lantern does not meet the 500 feet to the rear as the law states either.

What is our sheriff doing about the public safety he says is his number one concern?

He claims he has talked to all the Amish groups and asked them to comply.  Does that mean the rest of us get the same treatment?

Each and every time a deputy stops a motor vehicle driver, we should get the same treatment; they should ask us if we would please comply with the laws instead of first writing a ticket and telling us we broke the law.

What about telling the Amish they are in violation of many laws so that we actually have public safety in this county? What about telling the Amish to put bags on the horses or carry a pail and shovel and clean up the horse crap instead of littering all of our roads?

When will we have equal enforcement of the law for all the people instead of special treatment for the Amish?

When will we have equal enforcement of all the laws including building permits, zoning regulations, health inspections, taxes, and all the other issues that we have to abide by, but the Amish get a free pass in this county?

When will our sheriff start to work for all the people as he promised to do when he was elected by the people to serve all the people and not turn a blind eye to those who choose to drive animal drawn vehicles?

Maybe if our good sheriff would spend his time enforcing the laws instead of trying to be a politician, a lawyer, a writer, a legislator and a special representative for the animal drawn vehicle drivers, we would have equal law enforcement.

 Justin Johnson is a resident of Clarissa.

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