Upsala water equipment to get overhaul

By LIZ VERLEY, Staff Writer

The Upsala City Council accepted quotes from Preferred Controls Corp. of Albany to replace the programmable logic controller (PLC) and main computer upgrade at the city’s water plant.

The PLC is the brains of the computer system at the water plant.

Monday, the Council heard the 16-year- old system keeps freezing up. Ryan Sauerer of Preferred Controls said, “The system  you have now may crash one day, and we will not be able to bring it back on line. The company is phasing out those systems, and we will not be able to find new parts soon.”

Council members agreed that the system needed updating and approved spending $22,825 to update the system and for the installation of a telemetry system from the water plant to the water tower.

Preferred Controls will install a radio and the equipment needed in the existing PLC panel at the water plant  and at the water tower to allow communications between the water plant and the water tower.

The Council also approved the purchase of a dehumidifier for the water plant at a cost of  $3,280 plus tax.

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