It’s time to cleanup the junk cars says the Swanville City Council

By LIZ VERLEY, Staff Writer

Landowners in Swanville who are not in compliance with the city’s ordinance regarding junk vehicles will be receiving a letter telling them to clean up their area or the city will.

Council members agreed unanimously that something needed to be done regarding junk vehicles after reviewing and adding to a list they were presented with.

According to the city’s ordinance, junk cars are vehicles that are three years or older (not licensed or in disrepair); are extensively damage with the damage including such things as broken or missing wheels, motors, drive trains or transmissions, etc.; are apparently inoperable; do not have a valid, current registration plate and/or have an approximate fair market value equal to the approximate value of the scrap in it.

The city is asking for the landowners’ cooperation, and the letter will give them a compliance date before the city takes action and has them removed at the landowner’s expense.

Anyone with questions or concerns should attend the next Council meeting, Tuesday, June 5,  at 7:30 p.m. to discuss the issue.