Minnesotans asked to fly flag on Memorial Day

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie recently released a public service announcement about flag etiquette and asked Minnesotans to proudly display our nation’s flag on Memorial Day to honor our military heroes who gave their lives serving our nation.

“It was just after our nation’s Civil War over 150 years ago that families of those who lost their lives in that terrible conflict began the tradition of decorating soldiers’ graves,” said Ritchie. “I encourage all Minnesotans to remember our soldiers who did not come home by flying our nation’s flag this Memorial Day.”

Memorial Day, a day that is about coming together to honor those who have died serving in uniform, was first observed on a national basis on May 30, 1868, when flowers were placed on the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery.  Congress made Memorial Day a national holiday in the National Holiday Act of 1971. Memorial Day is now observed across the nation on the last Monday in May.

“Whenever our nation has called on its citizens to defend liberty, Minnesotans have been among the first to sign-up and go,” said Ritchie. “These patriots put our nation first in their hearts.  This Memorial Day let us join together to show the families of our fallen soldiers that they are first in our hearts by flying the stars and stripes in their honor.”

A copy of the Flag Etiquette Brochure can be downloaded online at: http://www.sos.state.mn.us/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=10356.