Stearns County 4-H teams compete at state Dairy Bowl

Dairy Bowl participants pictured are: Lucas Salfer, Alan Barka, Isaac Salfer, Tyler Eblen, Jim Salfer, Nicole Krumrie, Matt Krumrie, Jon Frenchick, Nathan Maus, Carla Bromenschenkel, Katherine Gathje, Greg Lux, James Gathje, Tim Lux, Shelby Kuechle, Wyatt Renne, Elliot Gratz, Dillon Gratz, Sawyer Eblen, Gregory Gathje, Jonathan Gathje, Cory Schmidt and Daniel Williamson.

What two ways are amino acids supplied to the small intestine? What are the two purposes of an inflation? How many pounds of milk does it take to make a pound of butter?  Name five macro minerals? These are a few of the questions that the Stearns County 4-H Dairy Project Bowl Teams had to answer correctly at the State Project Bowl Competition in Foley on April 21. Stearns County had two senior and one junior dairy team that competed in this event. All of the Stearns County teams finished within the top four teams.

The project bowl competition is designed to test the participants’ knowledge in all facets of the dairy industry. The participants spend many hours studying periodicals and other resources getting ready for the contest.

Dairy Bowl Meeker/Stearns Senior Team that finished third in State included: Nicole Krumrie of Litchfield, Tyler Eblen of Belgrade, Jon Frenchick of Paynesville and Carla Bromenschenkel of Rockville. Dairy Bowl Meeker/Stearns Senior Team that finished first in state included: James Gathje of Richmond, Nathan Maus of Freeport, Tim Lux of Eden Valley, Matt Krumrie of Litchfield and Cory Schmidt of Cosmos. Both senior teams were coached by Lisa Maus and Jim Salfer.

Dairy Bowl Stearns Junior Team members included: Ashley Maus of Freeport, Patricia Loecken of Freeport, Alexis Klaphake of Freeport, Courtney Klaphake of Freeport, and Cassie Czeck of Holdingford.

By the way, the answers to the questions are: microbial protein and rumen undegradable protein, massage the teat and expel the milk; 22 lbs. of milk; magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, chloride, and potassium. For more information on how to join 4-H in Stearns County, contact the Extension Office at (320) 255-6169 or (800) 450-6171.