Grilled Lemon Fish Asparagus

5 lemons, divided
4 tilapia fillets
1/2 c. sun dried tomato  vinaigrette dressing
1 lb. fresh asparagus spears, trimmed

Squeeze juice from 1 lemon; mix with dressing. Pour half over fish in shallow dish; turn to coat both sides of each fillet. Refrigerate 15 minutes to marinate. Refrigerate remaining dressing mixture for later use. Meanwhile heat grill to medium heat. Cut each of the remaining lemons into four slices. Remove fish from marinade; discard marinade. Place eight lemon slices on grill grate; top with fish. Brush with some of the remaining dressing mixture. Grill five minutes; turn. Add remaining lemon slices and asparagus to grill. Cook five minutes or until fish flakes easily with fork and asparagus is tender, brushing occasionally with remaining dressing mixture. Remove fish, lemon slices and asparagus from grill. Discard lemon slices under fish. Serve remaining lemon slices with fish and asparagus. (Cod or salmon may be substituted.)
Makes four servings.