Ex-teacher would be good legislator

To the editor: 

Every decision made about schools today will affect our economic prosperity in the future. St. Paul is making too many decisions for our schools and doesn’t trust our local school officials enough.

As an experienced former school teacher, Ron Kresha is a strong supporter of improving education. Our country is changing and future generations need to be well-educated. The best way to improve education is to support the local decisions of parents, teachers, school boards and school administrators. The people closest to the students make the best decisions — starting with  the parents.

Kresha believes we need to support programs that bring our best teachers forward, improve local schools (public and private), home school resources, charter schools, and take advantage of online capabilities. We are a country with great solutions — we can improve our children’s educations.

Ron Kresha will listen and keep us informed.

Kathy Festler, Little Falls