Kresha grasps rural economy

To the editor: 

The major economic forces in this area are Camp Ripley, agriculture, small business growth and recreation.

Agriculture is not just the second largest economic driver in the area; it is also one of the largest lifestyles. That’s why Ron Kresha, a successful businessman, believes that keeping our House 9B seat in Republican control is essential in maintaining our rural identity in the state legislature.

When the DFL controls the seat, the focus tends to be on Twin City spending and policies rather than what is important to rural areas. He wants to improve the quality of life for our rural counties.

He’s an outdoorsman, guide and conservationist.He’ll work to stop the legislators who want to control our personal property for redistribution.

He also understands the importance of responsible gun ownership. He’ll work to prevent unreasonable gun control threats and to make sure we keep our right to own a gun.

Eugene Young, Little Falls