Kresha enjoys helping people

To the editor: 

One of the most important things a state representative can do for his constituents is to listen to them when they call with some problem and then follow through and solve the problem for them. It may not be easy and it may take some time, but that’s part of the job; a very important part.

Ron Kresha, candidate for state representative in 9B, can be counted on to respond to people’s needs and give his full effort. Outside of his business experience, he has been a faithful supporter and coach of youth activities; he is an active volunteer in church and community activities; and he continues to look for ways to bring people together for a better community. One thing I have found is that Ron Kresha enjoys working with people and assisting those who could use a little extra  help.

As the state representative for 9B, I believe Ron Kresha will listen to people’s needs, and he will fight for our area in St. Paul. He understands the challenges of our area and he will fight to make sure the voices of Morrison and Todd counties are heard.

Ron Kresha is our best candidate for 9B state representative.

Margaret Johnson, Little Falls