Kresha will help area grow

To the editor: 

For the last 15 years, Ron Kresha has been a strong family man and community leader in this area. He  co-founded Atomic Learning in Little Falls and served as CFO and company president. After leaving Atomic Learning, he helped create the Golden Shovel Agency, an economic  development marketing company that specializes in online community development to attract new workers and new companies. He understands the economics of business and the factors that help rural communities grow.

Kresha knows how to attract small business owners and new families to this area to enhance our future economic development. This area is rich in natural resources for recreation and full of potential, which offers a wonderful opportunity for business owners seeking to expand and relocate as well as start a new company. Also, because there is a rural revitalization among people seeking a lifestyle that is more conductive to rearing children, we have the opportunity to make this area an even better destination for families and business owners alike.

Ron Kresha has the experience and know-how to bring new businesses and jobs into this area. He is exactly the person we need representing District 9B in St. Paul.

Kris Erickson, Little Falls