Gazelka values the same

To the editor:

In 2010, I was elected to serve Senate District 12, which consisted of Morrison and Crow Wing Counties. After redistricting, I chose to serve Senate District 9 which includes Morrison, Todd, Wadena, and Cass counties. I’ve visited every town and driven around the countryside to meet folks in the new Senate District 9. My campaign team and I walked in 27 parades, attended many fairs, church festivals, sportsman dinners, and more.  I believe I understand your concerns.

My core principles remain the same. My focus is private sector job growth, insisting our government spends less than it has, and standing up for our values; pro-life, traditional marriage, and the Second Amendment.

Presently, I serve as assistant majority leader and Commerce vice-chair. We’ve passed many job-creation bills, I chief-authored MCCL’s pro-life legislation and co-authored the Marriage Amendment.

As a Veterans Committee member, I strongly support Camp Ripley and our veterans. We’ve enacted many policies supporting our veterans, and I will continue to do so.

Organizations you trust endorse me:  Minnesota Farm Bureau, MCCL, Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, NFIB (small business advocates), NRA, and more.

If we haven’t met, and you’d like to get a cup of coffee, please call me and invite some friends. My personal number is 218-821-9287. I look forward to meeting you.

Sen. Paul Gazelka,
R-Fairview Township,
Cass County