Kresha brings people together

To the editor:

Every election it’s increasingly difficult to find people who are willing to set aside their personal lives to represent their constituents in St. Paul. However, this election is different for the residents of House 9B. On Nov. 6, the voters of 9B will have the unique opportunity to elect Ron Kresha to the House of Representatives. Kresha is a successful teacher, small businessman and community leader who will be an excellent representative for this area.

He excels at bringing people together to solve problems and is not afraid to “roll up his sleeves”  and get things done. He is optimistic about our future and the potential of Morrison and Todd counties to attract new employers and employees.

Kresha does not believe in repeating campaign slogans to get elected. Instead he has chosen to be informed and thoughtful when addressing the issues we face:  education reform and equity, improving the rural Minnesota job climate, and fighting to control government spending at the state level.

As a father of five children and a teacher and coach, Kresha understands the importance of tackling difficult problems today so that the next generation can be assured success.

Vote Ron Kresha on Nov. 6.

Clara Kedrowski
Little Falls