GOP doesn’t help ag or labor

To the editor: 

Republicans try to make it sound like Al Doty and Adrian Welle have the same beliefs as the national Democratic Party.

Hogwash. Minnesota doesn’t even have a Democratic Party; we have the DFL, the Democratic Farmer Labor Party. Farmers and laborers are key to District 9’s economy. They’re extremely important to Al and Adrian.

Sadly, farmers and working class people don’t seem important to the Republican Party. Last session, our local Republicans LeMieur and Gazelka, while representing a rural district, voted removal of the homestead credit, which directly resulted with the biggest property tax increases on rural homeowners and farms, while refusing to raise income taxes on the wealthiest. They protected them.

The DFL has the opposite approach; when Al Doty was our representative, he voted consistently to increase income taxes on the wealthiest and use the money to lower our property taxes.

Gazelka and LeMieur promised job creation last election. They were elected, but no jobs. Gazelka voted against spending $19.5 million to construct an education center at Camp Ripley. Imagine how many local labor jobs Gazelka voted against.

If you value farmers and laborers, I hope you “remember in November.”

Dan Bakke, Randall