Kresha has been a leader

To the editor: 

The job situation here in Minnesota is not good right now.  We need a better business climate for small businesses to thrive.  We also need to work to balance the state budget so the state no longer has to borrow money from schools, future tobacco funds, and taxpayers; this money needs to be paid back.

Ron Kresha has been a strong community leader and businessman in Little Falls for 15 years.   As our state representative, he will put this experience to work to grow our economy and create the jobs this state needs.  He has several priorities:  the creation of quality jobs spurred by tax and regulatory reform; limited and effective government that lives within its means and priority-based budgeting that addresses needs in health care, agriculture and transportation.

Other priorities are:  supporting agriculture by opposing unnecessary regulations and mandates; property tax reform for homeowners, farmers and small businesses; and providing safe schools of excellence and achievement with high standards, fair funding and financial accountability.

Ron Kresha is dedicated to improving our economy and putting Minnesotans back to work.  Vote for him as our state representative on Nov. 6.

Channing Stowell, Little Falls