Ruda backs ag development

To the editor: 

Economic development is very important to the future of Todd County. Commissioner Gerry Ruda has demonstrated his support of economic development by working with the Todd County economic development director and the Planning and Zoning Office to help businesses locate in Todd County. This support helped lead to the new Prairie Lakes Coop grain handling facility and the Jennie-O wood shaving operation. Gerry Ruda believes that following the rules, showing genuine respect for potential businesses and working with them, we can improve the economy of Todd County.

As a farmer, I appreciate planning and zoning rules which allow agriculture to continue to be the most important business in Todd County. Gerry Ruda has worked on the 2030 Todd County Comprehensive Plan and the newly rewritten Land Use Ordinance. Both of these documents support the continuation of farming. He is dedicated to conserving our soil and our water while using both effectively for the present and for generations to come.

Please vote for Gerald Ruda for Todd County Commissioner from the Third District. He’ll work hard for all of us.

Tim Harvey, Long Prairie