Dead, aliens shouldn’t vote

To the editor: 

Thanks to Pete Klick for a great letter about the need for photo voter ID. Even the most misguided and misinformed opponent of this amendment should be able to see the need for it. Pete, maybe we should tell those who insist that this will suppress votes that, yes, it will suppress votes and that’s a good thing. Deceased registered voters should have their votes suppressed; so should non-citizens.

Speaking of voters, I noticed a news tape recently that said the unions had found another 650,000 voters, 68,000 in Ohio alone. Makes you wonder how deep they had to dig to find them, doesn’t it?

It’s been another great year for the community garden. Hope you all enjoyed being part of it as much as I have. Many thanks to each and every one of you for making it such a pleasant part of our community. We have great people in our community,

I was totally shocked to hear of a possible theft from the garden. I asked Police Chief Langer about it. He said it was reported that someone was in the garden with a flashlight. To be sure it wasn’t me, I asked the chief if it was daylight or dark. When he said it was dark, I knew it wasn’t me.

I then asked the Chief what he was going to do about the drive off from the Holiday station. He said he wasn’t aware of it. Told him that was good, because that was me, too. That’s the second time over the years that I have done that. I might become a one man crime wave. Man, it would be embarrassing to have to ride in the STS van instead of driving it.

Tony Towle, Long Prairie