Neumann only one to respond

To the editor: 

Do you expect honesty? and integrity?

Do you expect your commissioner to do his own homework on topics prior to voting, to be able to explain his reasoning for his vote, to demonstrate fiscal responsibility for the money Todd County has in its budget, and to work with their constituents, employees and other elected officials?

These are my expectations but it isn’t what I see when I attend Todd County board meetings.

Perhaps you have also noticed the consistent pattern of a 4-1 vote.

Why is it always four commissioners against Randy Neumann? Do we have board room bullying going on in our local government?

County Auditor Karen Busch published her annual budget January 2012.  Todd County’s administrator presented a different budget to the county board which was ultimately approved. All five commissioners were questioned by several constituents as to why this budget doesn’t balance with the county auditor’s budget. The only commissioner who responded was Randy Neumann.

In April 2012, the Citizens would not have known about re-districting if it had not been for Randy Neumann. The census indicated all five Todd County commissioners would be up for re-election. However, our commissioners on a 4-1 vote decided that only four would be up. (Neighboring counties had citizen committees make recommendations to their county boards, but not Todd County.) Ask your commissioner why they didn’t take the state’s recommendation that all five commissioners run for reelection. Ask too why they didn’t want citizen input?

I have attended countless board meetings in Todd County over the last four years. The only commissioner that responds to all constituents regardless of their district is Randy Neumann. Perhaps that is why he is running unopposed.

By voting you can clearly state what your expectations are for Todd County elected officials.

Jerry Beck, Long Prairie