Time to change again

To the editor: 

Back on that fateful election day in 2008, America voted for  change. Radical change is exactly what we got, and I hope that this time around, the country will vote to once again change direction. No longer can a God fearing person vote for the same party that their parents supported.

Many people are ignorant of what the Democratic Party stands for in 2012. I am certain that local Minnesotans do not stand with the democrats on their support of gay marriage, abortion, and redistributing wealth. I do not understand how people can sit in church every week yet still be dogmatic about voting Democrat simply because it was their parents’ party.

For the first two years of this administration, the liberal Democrats had complete control in both the House and Senate. Obama and his cronies took America on the fast path heading towards a socialistic European state. We saw more government programs that interfered with the capitalist society that made this country the wealthiest nation in the world. Do you remember Cash for Clunkers? With that, we observed people trashing their vehicles and buying new cars that they still could not afford. What happened when the government got its hands involved? Cash for Clunkers destroyed the used car market.

The list can go on with the failed policies of Obama. The economic stimulus spent billions without results. The country is trillions further in debt.

What about Obamacare? Remember how Nancy Pelosi said that we must pass the healthcare bill to find out what’s in it? Does this sound like a political party that has the best interest in America?

It is time to re-examine how we vote. We cannot vote for a president who has apologized for the greatness of America and yielded to terrorist groups. We cannot support Democrats whose records are anti-life, anti-family and anti- capitalism. It is time to save America from destruction.

Whitney Sabrowsky, Freeport