Mergen should be re-elected

To the editor:

Jeff Mergen deserves your vote as Stearns County commissioner. Even though he has only served two years as commissioner, he has made his presence known.

Because of retirements, we have a new county highway engineer, a new director of human services and a new environmental services director. Over the past 14 years as county commissioner, Environmental Services has been my or (my constituents) most contentious department. It is refreshing to have Chelle Benson working as the new environmental services director and two new commissioners, Jeff Mergen and Mark Bromenschenkel, who have both shared my frustration working on these issues.

Jeff Mergen is leading the charge to get ordinances easier to understand or even eliminated. I am hoping the long list of issues can be addressed in the next year. Remember government works sloooow. Even these changes are mainly word smithing. We have other issues on the horizon.

Jail overcrowding will probably be the most expensive issue. Over the past five to seven years many things have been done to keep only the inmates that we are afraid of in jail. The ones we are mad at, instead of afraid of, are given ankle bracelets or something like that to be able to monitor them to keep them out of trouble.

We have several options to deal with jail crowding. Farm them out (other jails), remodel, add on, build all new or a combination. Jeff Mergen has taken a special interest in this issue and will keep the taxpayer in mind when making the decisions.

Jeff Mergen led the way to lower the county levy by 1 percent, two years in a row.

If you voted for Jeff Mergen two years ago because you wanted to be heard or wanted a conservative voice, you got it.

Don’t change now. Vote Jeff Mergen for Stearns County Commissioner.

Don Otte, Stearns County Commissioner, Sauk Centre