Mergen spends tax money wisely

To the editor:

Jeff Mergen has worked hard to make sure our tax money is spent wisely, he takes his fiscal responsibility very seriously. Jeff has visited elderly people that are struggling to stay in their homes because of the high cost of their taxes. This truly saddens him, he wants to make sure over priced taxes are not why anyone has to leave their home.

Commissioner Mergen has held the line on county spending, he defends the taxpayer in everyway he can. One thing he has promised to never vote for is a raise in the commissioners’ salary as long as he is in office. That is who he is, the people first.

My vote on Nov. 6 will go for Jeff Mergen for Stearns County Commissioner, because he knows his numbers, cares about the people, and works tirelessly to do the best job he can.

Irene Klein, Richmond