Recycling plan needs to change

To the editor:

Another Todd County clean up is now over. Do you realize that last year it cost the taxpayers way over $50,000 for the clean up? I’m sure this one won’t cost as much, but it will still cost plenty. Since the commissioners wanted this clean up, there was one that showed up to help and see what it all involved. A lot of extra work and needless expense to the taxpayers.

I also have a problem with the way some people recycle. It doesn’t take a lot of effort or time to wash out the cans, bottles, etc. Do you know what its like to have garbage mixed in with the recycling after it sits a few days and gets stinky, slimy and full of maggots? The DAC does the sorting, and they do a very good job but no one gets paid enough to sort through the garbage. Come on, people. Do it right; it’s not that hard.

By the way, I have seen you sneak non-recyclable items alongside the building that you want to get rid of and just don’t want to pay for them. Keep it up and who knows what you’ll have to pay to get rid of everything. No more countywide freebies.

We’ve all heard the saying, “What is one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” There is so much good stuff being thrown away. We are a throw away society which is too bad.

People bring stuff to the transfer station and say it’s good and to give it to anyone that could use it. They can’t. That’s stealing from the county.

The decision maker of the county made the policy that nothing is to be taken from the transfer station. In the long run it would save the county the cost to dispose of it. Right now people do sneak and steal items. There are not enough employees to check the vehicles on their way out, which shouldn’t have to be done anyway.

Why not do another good deed and let people take needed and usable items; it won’t cost the county anything, it’s just a good neighbor policy.

Sue Harlow, Sauk Centre