Thanks, Michele Bachmann

To the editor:

I want to thank Michele Bachmann for defending our constitutional rights and not being afraid of Obama’s liberal party.

She sometimes gets in trouble when she stirs the pot and checks what smell may come out.

So then why the attacks on Michele Bachmann? She is just doing her job. She and four other members of the Intelligence Committee asked to investigate Huma Abelin who works for Hillary Clinton as an aide, and who may have ties to Muslim Brotherhood. Huma Abelin has three relatives with ties to Muslim Brotherhood, her mother, her late father and brother.

I am sure they have their reasons to check her out.

Remember the Muslim Brotherhood hates America and all Christians. I know Keith Ellison, 5th District representative, who is Muslim, was also offended by her remarks. Ellison took the oath to defend our Constitution on the Koran, which is their bible. We as a Christian nation always have taken the oath on our Holy Bible. Why the Koran? Does he not believe in our Christian principles?

About six months ago, pastor Terry Jones from Florida, was going to have a burning the Koran bonfire. It brought protests  worldwide. Hillary Clinton was among the first to protest.

Sometime when you smell a skunk, better go check where the smell comes from. The Muslims can burn our flags and that’s OK?

I hope Michele Bachmann stays on the Intelligence Committee. We need her to protect our freedoms at home. She says, “God bless America” — unlike President Obama’s mentor Jeremy Wright, who, for 20 years, said “G– d—, America.”

Michelle does a great job of representing our district. She is a great person. Did you know she has opened her home to 23 foster children?

So I  hope you all vote for Michele, a true leader and God bless America.

Peter Heidgerken, Freeport