Gazelka leads on budget, pro-life

To the editor: 

The facts show Paul Gazelka is a pro-life champion. His opponents say Gazelka’s literature is inaccurate on being 100 percent pro-life and pro-family. The Minnesota Family Council, the watchdogs of family and life issues, gave Gazelka their 100 percent rating. Gazelka also is the only endorsed MCCL pro-life candidate in Senate District 9 and the only candidate who has always voted for a pro-life leader. Al Doty has twice voted for a pro-abortion leader and never a pro-life leader.

The facts about the budget show that between 2007 and 2010, Doty and the Democrat-controlled House and Senate piled up a $6 billion deficit that Sen. Gazelka and the Republicans had to clean up. The Republicans turned that mess into a $1.2 billion surplus, replenished cash reserves, and $444 million of new revenue was added to our state’s budget.

The facts about the school shift are that when Doty was in office, the Democrats delayed payments to schools by up to $2 billion in 2009-10. That money was never paid back.

The fact is Minnesota didn’t have a revenue problem, Democrats had a spending problem.

The fact is that Sen. Gazelka is the best choice for us, for Minnesota. Vote Paul Gazelka November 6.

Joyce Heffron, Little Falls