Get the facts on Obama, socialism

To the editor: 

This election has produced many over-simplifications. Witness the Oct. 29 letter, “Socialists out to destroy the U.S.”

“Our country was founded on the Bible.” Not everybody reads the Bible the same way. Many of the Founders were Deists, believing in a Creator who made the universe, but is not concerned with its daily workings.

The word “God” appears in neither the Constitution nor the Bill of Rights. Article VI of the Constitution says, “No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office of public trust. …”

Whatever your religion or lack of religion, the Constitution says you cannot be denied the chance at a government job. Article I of the Bill of Rights says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” It says the government can’t decide which is the right religion.

President Obama “attacks Christian values.” Barack Obama was baptized at the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago in 1988 and attended its services regularly during his residence in Chicago.

He “hates Israel and loves Islam.” Islam is one of the major world religions. Many American citizens are Muslims. Respect for other people’s religious choices is written into the Constitution. President Obama has said, “Israel is our closest ally.”

The dangers of socialism: The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. Many countries have socialist parties, which function like any political party, winning some elections, losing others.

China is a one-party state presiding over a capitalist country.

We won the Cold War.

As a progressive, I share the values of FDR, the Kennedy brothers, Jimmy Carter, Fritz Mondale, Bill Clinton, Paul Wellstone and Barack Obama.

I believe this nation will endure, so long as its citizens stand up for truth.

Edith and John Rylander, Grey Eagle