Kresha knows technology

To the editor: 

Ron Kresha is an entrepreneur; one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise. That’s what he has done since he left education and joined the ranks of a small business owner/entrepreneur.

All of his business background has been in technology innovation and education. One might say he’s a “geek,” a technology guy. He likes to build things, hire people and move businesses and communities forward. Now he wants to take that experience to St. Paul as our state representative.

Kresha’s main goal is to push the rural communities of Morrison and Todd counties forward. Our quality of life is great but we have to do a better job of telling people and attracting employers and employees.

Kresha knows how difficult it is to start and operate a business. There are so many rules and regulations to comply with and that can make the process very daunting. He wants to drastically change the many regulations for small businesses that are barriers to starting or expanding a business. This will help bring more jobs to the area.

Vote for Ron Kresha on Nov. 6.

Dennis Christensen, Little Falls