Seniors should back Ron Kresha

To the editor: 

This part of rural Minnesota is a great place to live and raise a family.  The small towns are very friendly with many churches, good schools and hospitals, either in the town or nearby. The people are neighborly and willing to help each other. Because of this, many residents decide to retire here.

Our 9B state representative candidate, Ron Kresha, wants to help senior citizens enjoy their retirement.  He feels that after a lifetime of hard work, they deserve a representative in St. Paul who respects the sacrifices they’ve made to retire with security.  He’ll work to help them, as much as possible, to have a worry-free retirement.

Kresha supports laws that ensure personal choice and access to quality health care. He’ll work to limit property tax increases so seniors are not forced from their homes. He supports tougher laws that crack down on those who commit identity theft and other crimes targeting seniors.

Seniors are passing on to future generations the values of hard work, respect and personal responsibility.  Ron Kresha wants to help them enjoy their retirement with as little worry as possible. They deserve it.

Larry Wheeler, Little Falls