Is it ever really possible again?

To the editor: 

Does anyone think that this nation could possibly ever elect a conservative president again? Think about it.

The Blacks vote overwhelmingly liberal. The Mexicans vote likewise. They carried Obama back into the White House on Tuesday. How about the gay and lesbian vote? Again overwhelmingly Democratic, along with the public unions that give the Demmys their vote in exchange for the lavish pensions and health care that the average person can only dream about.

Then comes another huge voting bloc: the people that have made living on welfare a way of life.

Again, these folks without a doubt will vote their meal ticket. There are takers, and there are givers. Once the number of people sucking off the government outnumber the people paying into the government, we have real problems. It’s called a $16 trillion deficit.

Finally, add to all of these, the feminists  and bleeding hearts.

It’s becoming easy to see why conservatives are becoming an endangered species.

Pride, self-respect and personal responsibility are fast becoming a thing of the past. Our ancestors were willing to work hard in order to provide a better life for their families. Now, we seem to have people coming to this country with the, “You owe me attitude” and a request for directions to the nearest social services office, in order to start getting their freebies.

We have a president who very well knows that the more people that depend on the government, the more votes that will translate into.

The full impact of this election won’t be felt until this president appoints some new Supreme Court justices. We can’t get rid of them in four years; they are there until they croak.

I don’t have an American flag in my yard, but if I did, it would be flying at half mast.

Roger Majeski, Freeport