Senator Gazelka asks for your vote

To the editor: 

On Nov. 6, you will be selecting those that you want to represent you in government. I’m hoping that you will allow me to serve you as state senator in District 9.

I share your values and am a champion of life, marriage and family values. I’m the only MCCL endorsed pro-life candidate, as well as the only NRA-endorsed candidate.

As a central Minnesota small business owner and job creator, I understand how important jobs are to our area, and how the government can help — or hurt the process.

I will insist that our government use our taxes wisely and not spend more than we have. I will keep listening and acting on the needs and concerns that you bring to me.

I have a proven record of getting things done in a very partisan environment.  I will fight for rural Minnesota and all of our futures.

I’m asking for your vote on Nov. 6.

State Sen. Paul Gazelka, Fairview Township, Cass County

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