Almighty dollar put before health

To the editor: 

Justice now is bought by the highest bidder, such as reversing court judgments against families with vaccine injuries by the vaccine industry.

The oil industries fail to have any one person accountable for gross negligence in decisions that can cause irreparable harm to our environment.

The morals of our country are now so intertwined with the almighty dollar, all that the poor have left after their health totally fails is a government that will at least not let them starve or die from medical treatment caused by injecting mercury, antifreeze, etc. into our bloodstreams and especially of our children, pregnant mothers, etc.

I know since my son has tests proving he had toxic levels of mercury as a young child that his body can’t get rid of without chelation. (By the time we figured it out, he had severe autism.) Repeatedly, I see evidence of harm from the mercury that industries would have us believe will not hurt us, yet no safe level of mercury has ever been established. Many diseases either are caused by mercury exposure, or at least in part. It is easy to ignore that mercury is the second most toxic element in the world next to plutonium. Yet, our country has grown accustomed to the many coal fired energy plants which still emit mercury into the atmosphere at alarming rates.

Yes, I support the government taking care of the poor who can’t begin to fight back against such huge financial giants. If the almighty dollar ever yields to good old fashioned morals, then maybe the conservatives have a chance in hell to be re-elected to power.

The large corporations also have benefited greatly off of the backs of the underpaid masses of poor workers who can barely make ends meet. Again,  it’s a matter of justice.

John Race, Eagle Bend