For the best that Powerball winnings went elsewhere

I was thinking the other day about what I would do if I were to win the $587 million Powerball raffle.

I was reminded of a discussion with friends a number of years ago, about what they would do, and the best advice one fellow came up with is, “Move.”

I can agree with that plan. If I had won that megaraffle, I would have netted about $290 million after taxes.

I could think of plenty of ways to do good with the money, but I think I would have to move away. It would be hard to give up old friends, but not hard to give up the thousands of new-found ones.

Another friend suggested hiring a good attorney, so when someone came to me looking for money, I could say, “That’s a great idea. Call my lawyer, and he’ll get right on it.”

My lawyer’s job would be to find the legitimate schemes, and keep me to a budget. With all the suffering in the world, it would break my heart if I had to spend the rest of my days saying “No” to people, even if some of them didn’t deserve a “Yes.”

I was reminded of the old joke about the Iowa farmer who won the lottery. Asked what he planned to do, he said, “I guess I’ll keep farming until it’s all gone.”

I could see myself putting out newspapers under that parameter. That’s why it was probably for the best I didn’t win.

Tom West is the Peach general manager. Reach him at (320) 352-6569 or at [email protected]