Recent wars differ from Korea

To the editor: 

The Peach has been worth having to be able to buy a tractor and other farm equipment from the ads and auctions by Ziemers Auction Service. With all the different items available, the Peach does a great service.

Having read the opinions and letters brought up my time in Korea. Right after the shooting stopped, I sat one year on the OMZ which was peaceful with 24-inches of snow in 24 hours, just like at home.

My squad was all drafters, and I was a reserve member on active duty. Regular army people that I served with no doubt ended up in Vietnam. Anyone who has given time in the service is a veteran.

It is sad that Bush Jr. and his war hawks gave us the unnecessary wars that we still have with 8,000 killed.

The letter from Long Prairie had many facts. The letter from Freeport offered real problems: The $11 trillion from Bush Jr., the war mongers not paying for their wars, Bush Jr. bailed out of banks, etc., then add on an extra $4 trillion of bailouts saving auto jobs and GMC.

Rep Kiffmeyer’s Photo I.D. was her way to stop legal voters from voting. Give Wal-mart a check and in seconds they have your money, with no photo I.D. needed. We can take a voting box into a care center and not everyone can vote, including the workers.

We had Rep Fred Marshall and David Minge who did a great job. Now we have Bachmann who is as worthless as she could be. They claim to cure gay people. I had 2 gays in my squad, no problems.

Roger Rimpy, Annandale