A second chance is the greatest

To the editor: 

We couldn’t make it to Scott Van Norman’s benefit at the Baptist Church so I just stopped in long enough to make a donation. What a great turn out.

You know how your chest swells with pride when they play the national anthem? That’s the feeling I got when I walked in and saw all of you there to help a neighbor. It’s no wonder I think we have the greatest people right here in our community. I am so happy Scott finally got his new heart.

A second chance at life is just the greatest thing. I hope someone filmed the benefit. I think if Scott could see that, it would just fill that new heart and give him a much needed boost and a huge group hug at the same time.

I can’t let this Veterans Day go by without mentioning a couple of them. Walt Lackmann served in the Korean War and Doug Hanson served in World War II. I don’t know much about Walt’s tour, but I do know that Doug was wounded twice, once in the Battle of the Bulge and once in Austria at the end of the war. He spent many months in the hospital. Thanks, guys. They were good soldiers who survived to come home to be great neighbors.

Tony Towle,  Long Prairie