U.S. is heading for big disaster

To the editor: 

The Constitution was written by God-fearing men who loved Jesus. Now our Constitution is being trampled on by evil, Godless people.

Our Constitution states that we have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our Constitution was trampled on when evil judges passed a law to make it legal to kill our most vulnerable, innocent children — the unborn.

Our Constitution is also being trampled on by evil judges who are suppressing our religious beliefs. Evil judges have wiped out God and prayer from our public schools and places through their rulings. When that happened, the devil moved in and took over. Now violence and shootings are running rampant.

Evil people infiltrated our schools to brainwash our students into thinking that there is no God. As our students go to college, three-fourths of them will no longer go to church.

We have destroyed 52 million babies since abortion was made legal in our country in 1973 by evil judges.

Immorality is also a grievous sin. Sex outside of marriage is a mortal sin. Having children and not being married destroys the family, is against God’s laws and is also a big scandal. A man and a woman living together, and not being married is also a big sin and a scandal.

Only 51 percent of the people in this country get married now. Many women have children out of wedlock where the woman and the government take care of them. This is a big cause of poverty.

It doesn’t take much to figure out our country is heading for a big disaster with all the evil that’s going on.

When will this punishment happen? We don’t know; it could be soon. By much prayer, it could be delayed. We have to prepare our souls to present them to Jesus at any time.

Eymard Orth, Melrose