Swanville City Council raises solid waste fees

Staff Writer

The Swanville City Council voted to increase solid waste fees by $1 per person, Tuesday.

Noting that the refuse/recycling fund was not covering expenses, discussion on how to correct the problem was held. The Council heard that the churches in the city were not charged for pick- up. Councilman Jim Molitor said, “The churches should pay for their garbage pickup. The city cannot afford to offer free garbage pickup to anyone.”
Councilman Jim Piekarski’s motion to increase the fees by  $1 per person also included charging churches $10.

When the discussion moved on to sewer rates, maintenance person Brian Zapzalka said, “I believe we should charge Jennie-O the same for sewage rate as we do  everyone else. We should charge them according to their water usage. Right now we get $75 a month from them for sewer. That is not enough. We are losing a lot of revenue right there.”

“Bill them. They are not going to close the mill. They can’t afford to,” Molitor said.

“Their sewage is a lot more difficult to process because of all that fat,” said Piekarski.
It was noted the business uses 180,000 to 200,000 gallons of water per month. The business has its own well.

Councilman Tim Grittner questioned whether the city could prove that much waste was going into the sewer system.

Action on water and sewer rates was tabled until the Council’s February meeting.

Meanwhile Molitor will meet with Jennie-O officials to discuss its possible  rate increase.