Contraception leads to abortion

To the editor: 

This letter for Jan. 22, 2013, is in memory of the “infamous” decision of Roe vs. Wade in 1973, when the right to life was taken away from countless millions of innocent little babies.

Some of the quotations written are taken from a booklet called “Infant Homicides Through Contraceptives.”

Dr. Bogomir Kuhar’s study will be a revelation to many people. He shows that the abortion plague is far more devastating than most of us realize. He conclusively proves that contraception is not only a selfish practice that leads to abortion. Contraceptives themselves are homicidal drugs and devices. They are more widely lethal than the commonly known surgical forms of killing unborn children.

“Please God, this study will awaken the conscience of our nation. My prayer is that ‘Infant Homicides Through Contraceptives”’ will help to stem the global genocide of our day,” wrote John A Hardon, S.J.

Charles E. Rice, professor of law, writes, “Contraception is the defining evil of our time. It’s legitimization leads inevitably not only to abortion and euthanasia, but to a host of other evils, including promiscuity, divorce, pornography and homosexual activity. Dr. Kuhar provides abundant and authoritative detail on this modern plague. As he demonstrates, the contraceptive movement is based on exploitation and lies, including the lie that many abortifacients are merely contraceptives. Its foundational lie, however, is its claim that man, rather than God, is the arbiter of whether and if so, when human life will begin. The contraceptionist denies to God the right to be God. In this light the contraceptive movement is diabolic, a replay of the original, Genesis script….”

In closing, a few word’s to meditate upon: When will abortion be ended? It will be ended after the three days of darkness, chastisement that is not too far off. Then God will be obeyed and glorified.

Charles M. Kuker, Long Prairie