Obama backers not Catholic

To the editor: 

I read an article in the Visitor paper of the St. Cloud Diocese where it stated that 50 percent of Catholics voted for Obama, What? How could true Catholics vote for a president that is against what the Catholic institutions and churches stand for. These people could not call themselves Catholics. Obama supports abortion and even the killing of babies that survive an abortion. If you do not believe me, then look into when he was a legislator in Illinois. When campaigning five years ago, he was asked where he stood on abortion. His reply was that he had two daughters and if one of them were to make a mistake, he would not punish them with a baby.

He is for gay marriage and against anything what is good for the country or its citizens. He does not respect the American Constitution; he does not even stand at attention for the American flag.

He does not call terrorists “terrorists”. He supported the uprising in Egypt, supported the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, who just turned out to be another president dictator.

Those that voted him in do not have any idea what he is. He is absolutely the worst president that has held office. He seems to be determined to bring us to the standards of Third World countries.

He truly is a confirmed dictator. I just wonder what explanation the so-called Catholics will have to offer on Judgement Day.

Elmer Maciejewski, Avon