Upsala City Council Briefs

Other business that came before the Upsala City Council Monday included:

• Adopting a resolution appointing Dennis Westrich to fill the vacant City Council seat. “We wholeheartedly welcome him,” said Council Member Joan Olson;

• Approving an annual liquor license for the Upsala Ballpark Association for use at the ball park. A vote to not waive the fee was unanimous. A separate license will be required for Heritage Festival;

• Accepting the bid from the Morrison County Record to be the city of Upsala’s publisher for legal items;

• Approving 2013 wage rates for city employees: Maintenance Supervisor Frank Koopmeiners at $19.15 per hour, Assistant Maintenance Worker Julian Herbes at $10.30 and City Clerk-Treasurer Adrian Welle at $18;

•Accepting a proposal by Schlenner, Wenner to be the city’s new audit firm. The city is changing auditors due to Dennis Bacon selling his business. The three-year contract with Schlenner, Wenner will not exceed $6,000 for the 2012 audit, nor increase more than 5 percent per year in 2013 and 2014;

• Approving a request by the owner of two utility accounts to waive his late fee of $960, allowing him to pay the account balances of $220 and $2,987 in full. The Council unanimously agreed that if the account were even one day late again, the entire $960 would be reinstated.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Upsala City Council will be Monday, Feb. 4, at 7 p.m. at City Hall.