Knute Nelson joins campaign to prevent avoidable hospital readmissions

Knute Nelson has announce it is participating in the RARE (Reducing Avoidable Readmissions Effectively) Campaign. This statewide campaign brings hospitals and other providers who coordinate patient care after hospitalization together with the goal of preventing 4,000 avoidable hospital readmissions in Minnesota.

By securing the participation of many community health partners, the campaign seeks to help prevent more avoidable readmissions faster and across the entire state.

“Most re-hospitalizations are necessary but many can be avoided by better preparing patients to maintain their health after hospitalization, and by improving communication and coordination as the patient transfers from the hospital to another care provider,” said Angie Urman, administrator.

“Knute Nelson is pleased to be part of the campaign because not only can we help patients and their families in our community spend more nights in their own beds instead of in the hospital, but we can help Minnesota save tens of millions of dollars annually, making health care more affordable.”

Knute Nelson will work on one or more of five key areas known to help reduce avoidable readmissions: comprehensive discharge planning, medication management, patient and family engagement, transition care support, and transition communications. Knute Nelson will reach out to other health care organizations in the community to work together in a concerted effort in these areas.

Other organizations, including provider groups, state health agencies, health plans, home health agencies, nursing homes, and patient advocacy groups, are also supporting the broad-based initiative.

“The entire nation is tackling this complex health care issue,” said Urman. “Knute Nelson’s participation in this program shows that we are committed to being a leader in improving patient care and in strengthening the coordination of care across our entire community. Furthermore, we can help Minnesota lead the country in reducing avoidable readmissions.”

For information on Knute Nelson visit or call 320-763-6653.