Two service fees updated by Upsala City Council

Staff Writer
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The Upsala City Council approved a resolution for 2013 fees and permits in January, changing only two fees.

The cost of using the city’s snow plow increased from $55 per hour to $90 per hour, with a half-hour minimum being charged.

“The actual cost of having the city do the work has increased,” said City Clerk-Treasurer Adrian Welle. “Neighboring cities and townships charge even more than $90 for this service.”

The other fee that was updated is the cost of a false fire alarm. Previously, three false alarms per year were allowed without cost, while each subsequent false alarm incurred a cost of $300 each. Now, anyone submitting a false alarm will be charged $200 every time.

“False alarms were set at $200 on the recommendation of the Fire Department,” said Welle.

“The false alarm fee hasn’t really increased,” said Fire Chief Brian Lange. “The Fire Department has been charging the higher fee for false alarms, so the city needed to mirror that.  An increased fee will deter false alarms and it is at the Fire Department’s discretion whether the fee will be waived or not.”