Obama’s agenda is control

To the editor: 

It was a tragedy, the killing of all those young children and teachers in Connecticut.

It is not right to blame only guns. I believe that it has a lot to do with this godless society. We took God out of courthouses, schools, and public places like post offices by eliminating even nativity scenes.

People ask where was God? Well, he was banned from all public schools. Kids who wear T-shirts with Christian symbols in a public school are made to remove them or turn them inside out.

Obama and his henchmen used that massacre to go after our rights, calling it gun control. That is just a smoke screen; the true agenda is total control of the people of this country. I am not a fan of assault rifles, but if they get their foot in the door, they will eventually go all the way down the line to even a BB gun because you can assault a person with one.

Dictators believe they can control countries if the population is unarmed, and Obama is one of them. I wonder if you were to line up a couple of dozen of those innocent aborted babies on the White House steps if Obama would get so upset that he would condemn the abortion clinics. Yet he says he is bound and determined to safeguard the young. But he supports the killing of the innocent unborn babies, even the few that survive the abortion process. He is a lying hypocrite.

This country cannot survive with a president like we have and the liberals that continue the push for a godless society. We need to pray that something changes before we will be afflicted with a biblical Sodom and Gomorrah. The Virgin Mary asked to pray for the awakening of mankind.

Elmer Maciejewski, Avon