Obama makes his own rules

To the editor:

When Obama took his family on vacation to Hawaii the overall cost was $4 million, and nobody disputed that. Then he came back to meet with the Senate and Congress on the financial crises with yet another costly flight. Then he flew back to Hawaii. Now they will be flying back to Washington. This will be the fourth flight, so how much more will be added to the final overall cost of this vacation?

This country is hurting pretty bad. Just look at New York and those states recently hit by that devastating storm. Many people are still without homes while our president sits at a tiki bar.

I got a letter from Boy’s Town begging so that they can help the many children in need, and this man goes to Hawaii like he deserves it. In doing so, he wastes millions of dollars that could have helped families in dire need.

He does not care about the people of this country.

I wonder how many people know about ObamaCare and if you do not purchase the cheapest health insurance policy available, you will be fined.

In March 2012, Obama signed an executive order giving him the power to declare martial law for basically whatever reason he sees fit. He believes in making his own rules; he has no use for the Constitution. Obama and his party of henchmen are out to bury the Republican Party so the Democratic Party is the only choice left.

Michelle Bachmann is at the top of the list and will have the whole country going after her. She is a smart and strong woman who tells it how it is, as well as a strong voice in the Tea Party, which is a reason that they would like to erase her from the picture.

Elmer Maciejewski