Upsala School Board votes to replace boiler this summer

Staff Writer
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The Upsala School District received bids from two firms for replacement of both of the school’s boilers.

The Board voted to accept the bid from Twin Cities Boiler Repair in St. Michael for $22,500. This was nearly half of the second bid of $47,558 from Moorhead Machinery and Boiler Company of Minneapolis.

“When these boilers were first installed, the wrong chemicals were put in at the very beginning,” said Supt. Gery Arndt. “Every year, we’ve had to replace a number of tubes from each boiler.”

The cost to replace one tube is approximately $1,800, with each boiler having 122 tubes.

The boiler replacement does not include the cost of the chemicals which fill the tubes.

“We have to replace that every spring after draining anyway,” Arndt said.

Since the replacement was not budgeted, one boiler will be replaced at the end of June to come out of the current budget, and the other will be done after July 1 against next year’s budget.

“There are ‘deferred maintenance’ funds for this,” Arndt said. “We still have to do the roofs, so want to keep a balance available for that.”