Upsala students to make up two days, teachers four, lost to tourneys, snow

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Upsala Supt. Gery Arndt presented a proposal for making up both snow days and state tournament days to the School Board March 27.

The district cancelled school four days during the school year, two because of snow storms and two because of state tournament appearances.

School will be in session May 28-29 for teachers and students to make up two of the four days missed.

“If the students’ class time for the school year is calculated by hour rather than by day, we are well within state requirements for class hours,” Arndt said.

With students in school those two days, the teacher inservice day will be pushed back to May 30, with May 31 being an optional teacher workshop day.

In order to meet teachers’ contractual obligations, they are required to make up all four days.

“They have a contract to work that many days (178),” Arndt said. “The number of contract days is an issue with the union. As a superintendent, I have to serve my days too.”

Teachers will be able to make up one of the days by putting in eight hours on their own before the end of the current school year by obtaining pre-approval from Dean of Students Vern Capelle.

The fourth day to be made up will become the first day of the 2013-2014 school calendar, as a faculty work day, Aug. 26.

Arndt received agreement with his proposal from Education Minnesota via e-mail.

The Board approved the memorandum of understanding with the Upsala Education Association regarding the makeup days. It also approved a resolution to amend the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 school calendars to reflect the changes.